Personal Artifacts

19th century wedding gowns, military and band uniforms, jewelry, combs, quilts, shoes, eyeglasses, fans, snuffboxes, a case-on-frame chest made in Mason County, and tall case clock from 1795 are just a selection of the more personal articles in the museum collection. We also display numerous items related to Maysville-native Rosemary Clooney, from her recordings to a photo of her in an elementary school play.

Tools & Equipment

Our collection houses a wide variety of paraphernalia, including: a Kentucky long rifle, swords from both the Revolutionary and Civil war, a skillet thought to have been used by Simon Kenton, assorted revolvers and knives, a quilt frame, knapping hammer, and prehistoric Native American artifacts.

Fine Art

The fine art collection is home to many paintings by Kentucky and local area artists of the Delta Queen, pioneer scenes, local landscapes, and more. We also have a self-portrait dated 1828 of noted Mason County artist Aaron Corwin, as well as a lithograph by Karl Bodmer and Jean Francois Millet created in Paris, France around 1850 which depicts pioneer Simon Kenton’s torture after his capture by Shawnee Indians.